Dresser Claims

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An industrial spill in 2012 caused the cancer-causing chemical trichloroethylene (TCE) to enter the groundwater at the Dresser Industries plant on the Shreveport Hwy in Pineville, Louisiana.

A toxic plume of chemicals in the ground water has been migrating from the plant site only 30 feet below the surface.

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Dresser Informational Meeting – November 19, 2020 @ Embers

A big thank you to Lawrence J. Centola of Martzell, Bickford & Centola for an in depth update on the Dresser Contamination. If you missed it, click on the image to open the slide deck from the meeting.

Here is a short video on TCE & Exposure Risks that we showed at the meeting:

We would like to thank State Representatives Mike Johnson (District 27) and Gabe Firment (District 22) for being on the front lines in the fight against Dresser Industries with us early on. Both have been personally involved and have done a lot in trying to help their constituents in the affected areas - their office has been very responsive to our requests as we work through the process.

Dresser Public Hearing – July 7, 2020

We attended the public meeting at Granberry Hall in Pineville on July 7, 2020 set up by Rep. Mike Johnson and Rep. Gabe Firment - the footage below is the meeting in it's entirety as provided by LaDEQ as a service to the public: